20 NOVEMBER 1920, Page 2

The Home Rule Bill was read a third time in

the House of Commons on Thursday, November 11th, by 183 votes to 52. Mr. Adamson moved the rejection of the Bill. The Labour Party, he said, did not believe in an Irish Republic. It would withdraw the troops, repeal all coercive measures and let a Constituent Assembly, elected by proportional representations devise an Irish constitution—subject -only to two conditions, that the minority should be protested and that Ireland should not become a "military or naval menace." Mr. Asquith declared that the Bill "would not be even an instalment of the promise of a settlement." He suggested that if the House were willing to meet the Slim Feiners "in a frank and generous spirit" and give them "absolute self-government in regard to their own internal affairs," they would repudiate, the "foul,. barbarous methods " to which they had. resorted.