20 NOVEMBER 1920, Page 2

The .Sinn Fein rebels on Friday, November 12th, attacked a

party of English journalists travelling with a police escort near Tralee. The rebels were beaten off, with the loss of two killed and seven wounded. Three policemen were murdered and three wounded on the same day in Tipperary. A police sergeant was murdered in a street in Cork on Wednesday. It ia stated that two artillery officers who left Fenno y on motor-bicycles on October 29th are missing; they have .probably been done to death. Four officers, in plain clothes and unarmed, were kidnapped on Monday near Cork while travelling by train. The Opposition have repeatedly questioned the Chief Secretary about the alleged reprisals and about the accidental sheeting of a child in Dublin, but they have made no reference to these and other Sinn Fein crimes, which, it wmdd seem, they regard as trivial matters.