20 NOVEMBER 1920, Page 3

The Daily Chronicle of Tuesday stated that the Government are

expected to reduce the price of flour before Christmas. That, of course, would entail a reduction in the price of bread. A marked fall has occurred in the price of wheat in America. The Daily Chronicle states that on Wednesday the price was Is. Sd. per quarter below the subsidy level. For future delivery it was 2s. below that level. Mr. Blakemore, President of the National Chamber of Trade, has stated that if cent ml is removed white granulated sugar here will be obtainable early next year at 8d. per lb. Meanwhile anybody who uses his eyes as he walks through the streets can see signs of a. fall in the price of other commodities. Several well-known bootmakers are unloading accumulated stocks at what appears to be a heavy reduction. A correspondent tells us that he has received from his tailor—. a men who has taken rather a high line with his customers for some years—an almost tearful letter, the effect of which was that if only our correspondent would order some clothes no reasonable offer from such an old and valued customer would be refused.