20 NOVEMBER 1920, Page 3

The Morning Post on Wednesday published some excellent remarks by

Lady Bathurst on the subject of goat-keeping. We share her satisfaction at the announcement that the Ministry of Agriculture is warmly advocating the increase of goats. Unfortunately, the Ministry has hitherto refused to sanction the importation of .goats. Lady Bathurst says that the alleged reason was foot-and-mouth disease—a disease from which goats do not suffer. The reason for desiring importation is that the best milking strains of goats are scarce in Great Britain, and consequently are becoming too much in-bred. Lady Bathtust's goats are Anglo-Toggenburg and Anglo-Nubian Swiss. The milk of these short-haired goats is not open to the objection that it has an unpleasant taste. Lady Bathurst strongly recommends the goat for small households where a member of the family can look after the goat and wages need not be paid.