22 JANUARY 1921, Page 24

Cassell '8 Classified Quotations. By W. Gurney Benham. (Cassell. 12s.

6d. net.)—Mr. Benham, who has earned the gratitude of many writers and readers by a former book of quotations, has compiled a new and very useful collection, in which modern and living authors are largely represented. It is intended mainly for those who wish to adorn a speech, sermon, or article with an appropriate quotation, rather than for those who desire to track a quotation to its source. Mr. Benham has read widely, and his selections, which are classified under subjects, are usually apt and interesting. There is an index of subjects, followed by an index of authors quoted. We observe that Mr. Benham gives under " Water " the lines beginning " Pure water is the best of gifts that man to man can bring," which were quoted in the Spectator last July, and led to some correspondence. Even Mr. Benham does not know who wrote them ; he merely gives the reference to our columns and says that the verses were attributed to the late Mr. G. W. E. Russellwho certainly was not the author—and to Lord Neaves, who apparently wrote other verses on the same topic if not these.