22 JANUARY 1921, Page 23

Stop the Strike ! A Plea for Industrial Arbitration. By

F. H. Rose, M.P. With a Preface by J. R. Clynes, M.P. (St. Catherine Press. 6d. net.)—Mr. Rose is an old trade unionist and sits for North Aberdeen as a Labour Member. It is signifi- cant, then, that in this forcible pamphlet, of which Mr. Clynes expresses approval, Mr. Rose should denounce " the mandarins of Unity House or Russell Square " who are continually threatening the community with strikes. Mr. Rose tells his Labour friends bluntly that strikes never pay and that the British workman is sick of them. Ho says that the wealthiest union could not support its members on strike for more than six weeks, and that it would be vain for the executive to propose a larger weekly contribution. He declares that the estimate that trade unionism has six and a-half million adherents is a gross exaggeration, and that " the bombastic imposture known as the Triple Alliance " has " neither power nor influence, money nor organization." " The whole-hog militant trade unionist is the Junker of industrial life." Mr. Rose warns his readers that " nationalization shatters at a blow the strike and lock-out," for " Labour cannot have it both ways." The Labour Party's true aims, he maintains, cannot be attained until it discourages strikes, and strives to promote industrial arbitration, as in the case of the dockeri. " Labour needs a keener weapon and a surer faith than ' Down Tools."