22 JANUARY 1921, Page 24

The Trout are Rising in England and South Africa. By

B. Bennion. With an Introduction by Hugh Sheringham. (Lane. 10s. 6d. net.)—Mr. Bennion is a pleasant, good-humoured writer with a real devotion to his favourite sport. Here we have a series of chapters describing days of fishing at home and abroad, in Devonshire, Westmorland, Worcestershire, and the Severn country, and in various rivers of South Africa. With the latter Mr.. Bennion is not always in his happiest vein; his pages read a little like those of -a guide-book, and it was surely unnecessary to print on p. 204 a list of the leading South African industries, including asbestos, concrete piping, and anhydrous ammonia. However, there is plenty of good, detailed information for the traveller seeking trout-fishing in the Union ; and other readers may turn back to the earlier pages, where they will find happy hours of angling over moors with curlews calling, and among the apple-blossom and the easy inns of the West Country.