24 APRIL 1920, Page 15



(Ipsi sibi senex anno aetatis . . .) WHO would have youth renewed P Not I. It is too shrewd.

Too dazzling are the stars it sights; Give me half-lights !

Who would re-live past years ? Not I. Wild hopes and fears That once the soul in travail rent Their force have spent.

Who doubts as in his prime ?

Not I. Schoolmaster Time Rath taught me; taught of life and death, And planted faith.

Who longs for paths once trod ? Not 1. The worst—thank God !- The stoniest roads, the mire and clay, Lie far away.

Who would recall his friend ?

Not I. Mine be his end !

Here tumult reigns, here crowds increase; With him is peace.

Who counts his less as gain ?

I !—Strength fordone, and pain, Have opened Heaven, around, above, And shown MP love. P. A. Rtaserr.