24 APRIL 1920, Page 22

We are glad to learn from Messrs. Constable that Scribner's

Magazine (2s. net), of which we were deprived by the war, has resumed publication in this country. The March issue, which has just reached us, contains a most interesting letter from the late Mr. Roosevelt to Sir George Trevelyan, describing his visit to the Courts of Europe in 1911, and especially his impressions of Berlin. The Emperor said to him : " I adore England," but apparently did not deceive Mr. Roosevelt, who found that the Germans hated America almost as much as they hated Great Britain. Sir Sidney Colvin's personal recol- lections of his friend R. L. Stevenson form another attractive article. We may draw attention also to Mr. Horace D. Ashton's account of " Haiti To-day " ; it seems that the Sinn Feiners of Haiti, called " Cacos," are waging guerrilla warfare of the Irish type against the American Protectorate troops, and that some of their leaders are in gaol.