24 APRIL 1920, Page 3

On Monday an agreement was reached between the

the employers of dock labour for giving effect to the Majority `Report of Lord Shaw's Court of Inquiry. As we pointed out lest week, it was essential that the employees should not agree to the proposed national minimum wage of 16s. a day without insisting upon the equally fundamental part of the Report which calls for an increase of output. The ideal thing would have been for both sides'to devise-a scheme which would putansnd, under guaran- tees, to the practices of bad timekeeping, dawdling, and the breaking of bargains, and to make the payment of the minimum wage dependent upon the signing of 'that agreement. Though the employers have not done this, they have done the next best thing. They have agreed to the-minimum -wage on the under- standing that the Majority Reportshall be adopted " as a whole."