25 JULY 1931, Page 12


Yellow is a hardly less natural colour in roses than pink and white--witness the Scots brier; but most gardeners have some trouble in finding satisfactory yellows for their beds. Some are harsh in colour, some not " good doers," some rather shy flowerers. So perhaps the result of a little discussion held ,the other day among some amateur rose-growers may be of interest for what it is worth. It was considered that five of the best, more or less in the following order of merit, were : Mabel Morse, Violet Stephenson, Mrs. Beatty, Rev. Page Roberts, Sir Henry Segrave. The most popular of yellows was ruled out for harshness of colour ; but about colour it is difficult to argue ; tastes are the poles apart. Many rose growers now begin to insist as the first qualification that it should hold its head up with the pride, say, of Betty Uprichard or Shot Silk ; and the newer roses mostly excel in this way.

W. BEACH TnomAs,