25 JULY 1931, Page 16


We hear from all quarters that it has hitherto been an admirable breeding-season for game of every kind ; litters of foxes innumerable ripening to maturity, and hares and rabbits swarming. Partridges and pheasants have hatched in greater numbers than has been known' for the last twenty years ; and those great nurseries Norfolk and Suffolk, in particular, promise an abundant harvest. Many are, already strong on the wing. The moors of Scotland, the mountains. of Wales, and the moorlands of Yorkshire, are alike well stocked. Three weeks ago, grouse-poults were observed running about, the broods large, and to all appearance healthy and vigorous. The black cock and his consort the grey hen are not only maintaining but extending their ground. In fine, from John O'Groat's to the Land's End, all bean a mailing. Plelltfkkus aaPactft