25 JULY 1931, Page 16


you extend the hospitality, of your pages to an appeal to those of your numerous readers, now arranging for their own summer holiday, to remember the needs of the poor working-women of London, who, without some assistance, cannot get away at all ? A small proportion of what the more prosperous amongst us are prepared to spend for our own enjoyment will bring rest and refreshment to many a weary body and depressed spirit.

For many years the Women's Holiday Fund has helped to find homes and lodgings and to pay the expenses of those who cannot without such help obtain the much-needed relief from the daily routine of hard work and scanty pleasure. £2 will secure a fortnight of such relief, or £2 10s. if she takes her baby with her. We have our own Home for Mothers and Babies at St. Leonards, and provide well-chosen lodgings and homes elsewhere. All pay as much as they can afford towards the full expenses of the holiday.

Donations and subscriptions, small or large, will be grate- fully acknowledged by Miss Cooper, Sec., W.H.F., 76 Denison House, Vauxhall Bridge Road, or by Mrs. Povvnall (Chair. : Ex. Com. W.H.F.), 8 Ashley Place, Westminster, S.W. 1.- I am, Sir, &c., 8 Ashley Place, Westminster, HELEN A. POWNALL S.W. 1. (Chair.: Ex. Com. W.H.F.)