26 SEPTEMBER 1840, Page 10

Accottn:: hay,: ars iv, h, N.. :iih.11 the end of

tit., first act it eta: :„::•, 1-y. The l'eledse of Clyne -Li

trrea front ;roll. On the I 7.0,11 out an act of grace, as the

previous .\-,415 the result of a st:ccessful • : :lie troops, who suri.risyd tiae 1..' P. : t 1::, 1 ry•-! I.E. thild I t hiot intus ehe. ,

ineLt. I ",.•:,• tar:, e• h'yeleralistu. After twelve

fightin:: ., . z • 'el.", 1. a': t..11; -0:vre killed nod woitiele.!,i.

the Pet!' marclied cut 1.t: • •• ',Is, of the c000iatons, that the 4.; influence with.

the • a re a rot of the oonstisution. General

trre.t I. • (eapeci with 4o0t,tv-alry. Busta-

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