26 SEPTEMBER 1840, Page 13


Miro and Tory continue to dra-.v nearer, and understand each other better. The Morning Chrohi:le of Thursday says- ', ire were groat on reading in the Divhfries Courier a report of the pro- ccaliogs at the dinner of the INinbsdale A griczalt oral Society, on the 15th Sep- tember, with the following sentence in the speech of the Doke of Buceleueb, the chairman, on returning thanks—. Should God grant him long life, he would always endeavour to do his ditty to his Creutor, his Queen, and Ids coun- try. ((Awing !nay and lucid.)'" It is indeed a passage calculated to strike a Whig journalist ! Lord JOHN Russm.r.'s visit to the Duke has had some effect : it has made his Grace loyal to his Queen; but has it converted

him to Reform principles? So, in like manner, other Nrhig journals were " struck " with the report of the proceedings at Lord STAnt's dinner to his Wigtonshire tenants. The Tory

gentlemen by whom his Lordship was surrounded listened to his declaration that he left all his tenants free to vote as their con- sciences dictated, without expressing any disapprobation of the sentiment. Of course not ; but did they say in return, that they would allow the same liberty to their tenants? They have no ob-

jection to keep the votes of their own tenants, with permission to

get as litany from Lord STAnt's as they can. The approximation of the two parties is beyond a doubt : they are much nearer than they were; but. it does not strike us that the Tories have budged an inch. In this affair, at least, the Whigs have sonic claim to be called the " movement party." The Chronicle will of course be

" struck," in due time, with Lord IlsEAnAmovxes good taste in

following up Dr. CHALMERS'S intrusion of a Non-Intrusion lecture upon the Statistical section of the British Association, by availing

himselfof his visit to Glasgow, as President of that body, to accept a a Non-Intrusion dinner given hint by the opponents of secular education. •