26 SEPTEMBER 1840, Page 2

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aod 3letr()')editaii !foretells, cluring the past wt.:4c, hats riot se emelt Moe est. 'The lists of' the Liv(ety rrl' the City of 1-ondoll s. ere semplst(sl oil Saturday. fbi elnuclay, the Revising Bar- rister cronseeesst with the exemination of' Ow lists le' voters for the

lit ha• I 'nye Sone• difficulty arie,.• ennsequemee of de• non- aft...ad:thee or I lie (Sall) a •ors of' the Itittes :and 'nixes It, provi! \, bother rest:tin persele. nab InnsDahl, accortling to the 'envisions of' the lie-

litre) Slr lesias In agent for 111,• cm, see:wives, submitted that the 11...i Me it trt bad. lio‘(1.r ti ■•.,■1,(.1 l• of' this

Collector Sir, els Ise thouglat ltelesili Act give Itho Poe ss to '' ',twist!" the ettmelance ef the I sans...tore hut dial not

hint t» " .a.sel" it. Mr. ((Suitt thissmeocal to hriog melons

seslies. the t este. ti, sec(iver penaltia , it tar Im he item'. to the net'erin eet eeetmei me, ro, ,I(.. 011 W1•1111,,' , .1 1-1:11..1 • by Air. frittropolis. icy of' tondo)! I loa premise.1 tho Mayes us) a 1,y :he ()Ilea:Sao Pil' 1111:11' 11:1\ III!. i,r IL. It: a !old nil h ,i)11 hi IV, r1•(;,•ip1 ill ,,,,1 hi, 11 11,,,rg• is ;H) entry (Vorporteioe for thi:ir in tio: claim oat . ohjeeted to by Mr. Quill, 1'1.4 admitted. On Friday, a. number of gentlemen who claimed to vote for chambers in a house in Mitre Court, Fleet Street, were objected to by Mr. Scott, the agent for the Reformers. The house has an outer- door, of which each tenant has a key. The circumstance of the outer door Mr. Myhie was of opinion, made the ease analogous to that of lodgers, and lodgers are held to be disqualified: he, however, postponed

isudgment On this point, and also on the claim of 3Ir. Braude, surgeon h j to the Police, who was objected to by Mr. Quin an account of his ap- pointment. On Friday, he finally decided against the claimants in Mitre Court. Mr. MyIne also decided to expunge the name of Mr. Brande.

The revision of the Marylebone lists commenced, before Mr. Fal- coner, on llelonday. The number of Conservative claims is SI ; those lade by the Liberals and by other parties amount too-ether to 1S2. The number of objections made by the Conservatives is 430 ; by the Liberals, 337 ; and by both parties Jointly, 227 ; total, effa on Tuesday, bit Falconer gave judgment with regard to an objection taken for the Conservative party to the retention on the list of the name of Edward Clayton, on the ground that he had let his house, in Rathbone Place, to another party, and did not occupy It. Mr. Falconer said it ap- peared that the claimant had let to a tenant the greater portion of the house, reserving to himself a workshop, with a passage into the house, and a portion ut the third floor ; that he sometimes slept in the house, had access to it when he pleased, and that he paid a maid-servant in the house—whom, however, he could not discharge: if Mr. Clayton could register under these circumstances, it was certain that the tenant, although he occupied the larger portion of the house, could not have his name placed on the registry, as he could not claim as a joint tenant. Jr, Falconer, however, felt bound to follow the decisions which had been given with regard to similar cases, both by Committees of the House of Commons and by other Revising Barristers, and to disallow the claim ; although, if he had no such precedents to follow, he might leave hesitated in the instance before him. With regard to a claim by Sir Thomas Strange, on the preceding day, he had disallowed it, although the distinction between it and the case he was then about to decide was not very great: Sir Thomas Strange, having let his house, had locked up one room in it, in which, he kept his furniture, and had left no servant. The name of Sir Benjamin Hall was struck off the list of voters, on the ground of non-payment of the Assessed Taxes. On Tuesday, the claim of Si,- Henry Webb was disallowed, because at the time he claimed to he rated for the house occupied by him, the arrears due by the landlord were not tendered, though the Collector had been told the money would be paid on application at Mr. Wright's bank. Several similar cases were governed by this decision. On Wed- nesday, a point of some importance was raised respecting the rights of tenants in cases where the landlord has compounded for the rates. The landlord had claimed lisr the tenants, that they should he separately placed on the rate-book. In the case of one of the tenants, Mr. Fro- surd, who had personally made application that his name should be put on the rate-hook, his claim was allowed : another of these tenants, Mr. Godwin, had not made a personal application to be placed oa the rate- book, but his landlord had applied for him; and there being no proof that he had acted so by Godwin's authority, the objection to his claim was admitted. On the following day, the landlord stated that he had made the claim with the consent of the tenants. Mr. Falconer, how- ever, reserved his opinion. Yesterday,- he decided, that the authority given to the landlord was not sufficiently expressed, as it did not ;wear to have gone further than to tell hien to do what he thought sutheient to give them the franchise. Mr. Godwin's name and the names of some other tenants similarly situated, were then expunged.

The revision for ths; Borough of Southwark commenced on Monday. The entire absence of political excitement, and the non-representation by agents of the respective parties in the borough, divested the pro- ceedings of interest. The objections were confined to those taken by the parochial authorities, and the claims were few. The claim of Mr. Barnes to be inserted on the list of scot and lot voters was opposed by the Overseers, on the ground that he had not paid the registration- Aline& Mr. Bullock, thee Revising Barrister, said the reeistration- shilling did not form any part ()tithe assessment ; and though he lead no doubt the claimant would be liable to its payment on cone none before a Magistrate, yet he could not hold its non-payment (all other rates Lining hen paid) a disqualification. The Overseer expressed his de- termination to omit in future the names of all who refused to pay the shilling. The revision of the lists for the borough of Lambeth was eoneluded

Ott Saturday. There was no in in the proceedings.

The East Sorry revision began on Ve'elnesday, at the Town-hall. ara. 0,ely question 'of interest brought before ;lee Revising Sauthw 1 11 Barristers, was the claim of elr„lohn Vousley to lee rueisiereel in respect of the redemotien by into of the land-tax upon a publle-house in Ber- mondsey. Thi: claim was objected to by the Conservative agent. on the ground that the :assumed qualifieation was not a freehold tent a chattel interest. Mr. Bullock, however, held the elaim to 11,.• good.

Nothing like in aceurate sr:element Call yet be t' e' of the successes oldie contending parties in the lleesistsmion ('ours for the Me ropoliten districts- It alffivalis lhate Oil rac as they have Ilcoccenle•le tha Caleserva- tives leave established1 the 1.2.o:dee miaow or )1.11%y1C1..)110 ; whilst cii East Sort')-, the tit'llie preponderates in flit nut of the Liberals.

ill the parishes round London. •


A qttarterly general l'oiert or the l'roprietors of E. ist India Steal, was held nel 11'1411es:1iay. The l'ourt was not well eiteeneleel. The oadv sideject of hete.rest lesenelit fere aril was a 11101i011, ily M1'. 1.0N1 is, 011 (110

dISblIFSCIllelltS servik.o. Ile eilve.rted to thee larea• settees ex- Fended recently for socrol servictis and moved tt resolution roe:minuend,- ' log tlite t'ourt or I yo,otot, to R.101,1 so,•11 tooa•mros as 111:1■

h: ascertain the settle of the law regirdito,..; of the S-cot and to pt.lition l'arliziment to doling' snob pei■I‘ir ated place

it 1111tItir constitutional verdi rod The ittoti,n, wtts seemedo,1 by r•-.1e. tlyarIt's 1.'01.1w.; ; %dm still eel from 1

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the Ad- ap- . seed Pete, with

consent to make ...0112e epplieetion to Parliament en the subject. By such a course they nee.det lose the lit •)e power they now posseased. After a

good deal of ,11,1,,ion pro and to the neoziee bc•-4,itived by a large majority. Mt neethen of Mr. I). S,domons, flee- Iliscontinuing the practice of sweerleg proasheors tee their quiditicutien previeus to voting, :end substitatieg a lisslarathin insiesd of an oath, was postponed till next Court-514y.

A ballot ei es 1 •ken at the East India Heusi; in Thursday, for the election of a Directeer, in the room of Campbell Marjoribanks, Esq., deceased. At -it. e2cleide, this glasses were cleseel. and delivered to the scrutineers ; wke, repereed that the election had Leiden sen5'• .1 k .} I el Archi- bald Gallows ee is,

Somo ''C- ''C 011 the bank of Ilicentoo'-ky alle; Co. -Le

howw.-er, the,t le,, ,1 ‘,1,1‘•

sequ,..iiee. of the e,n‘l,1■11 J. •

Ifammersley, at ee.e....••1 `- his return from a walk.

Tile 'Wt it r lele mu a iCr, dinar Fite of paytio•nt 1.,v a i Ilar•—ersloy havtlig" survi legIvo

thins a Lank nc.ceee.sarily en,t;••■i or other repree.eeltietives are placed • rnent of his affairs. This stopper.. • e• given rise to a fueling thot a leeial r vent the same CoriS0111000eS

plaints are mile that the firm si, .• there e-az only one surviving I se ee7 gives it as • Illonmersleys believe, were drawn in the established, the usual prase e....• in is, through generations, 11111 '1 tail; There were brothers of Mr. ILee -• • are now dead ; but the name of ..].•• custom. At the death of the lost Le occurs ; and it is said that the (-:see.. hank. Cutler these cereneeestences, will probably be requisite.

The Time?s, in its CI: : account of the s■lite o:' Ii •ene

"The view taken in ti.s City - coming more unftrourdelo than the solvencv. ci ti,e.oe,e'ern.It

Chic sums paid in. : -Le amounted to 1."

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the " cotes.

LOW preceding day by the head of a shrimp. The head of the shrimp had been put into the infant's mouth by its brother, a child two years old. Verdict, " Accidental Death."