26 SEPTEMBER 1840, Page 7

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" The plenipotentiary of the Ottoman Porte, in paying a just tribute to the good faith and disinterested policy of the Allied Courts, has taken cognizance of the declaration contained in the present protocol, and has undertaken to

transmit it to his Court. " PALMERSTON, Cunrun." NEUMANN,

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The following memorandum, delivered by M. Gnizot to Lord Pal- merston on the 124th of July, in reply to his Lordship's note announcing the conclusion of the Convention, is now published by the Augsburg Ga:ette- " Prance in the affair of the East has always been desirous of acting in Record with Great Britain, Austria, Prussia, and Russia. Iler conduct -has been influenced only by the interest of pence. She has never judged the pro- posals made to her in any other paint of view than that of the general Interests, and never with it view to her own interests, for no Power is more disinterested in the Eastern question than she is. Judging in this manner, she has considered 113 ill-conceived all the proposals the object of which was to tear front} Mehemet Ali, by force of arms' those p ortions of the lurk sir empire of which Inc is in occupation. France does not conceive that this will Inc for the good of the Sultan, because it would tend to give !dm that eshith he could neither govern nor keep. She does not think it goad either for Turkey in general, or for the maintenance of the balance of power in Europe in particular, because it would weaken, without giving any ode antaoe to the Sovereign, a vassal echo may give powerful assistance in the coin ruin defence of the empioe. 'Nevertheless, this is a quest ion of system on Is Idyll there may be many diverging nniiiions. But France has partienlarly deel iced iners.df against any project 'Ow adeption of which might bring on the employee: et of force, because she could not distinctly see the means wIlich the rive Powers could dispose of. These melons appeared to her to be either in- sufficient or more injurious than the state of things intended to be remedied. 'What she has thought on this suinja't she still thindss, annl sine. has reason to believe that this opinion is net exclusivelv hers. Under later (dream- Stances no positive proposition has loen addressed to her upon which she could explain herself. The determination commumieated to her by Eng. } land, no doubt in the name of the Four Powers, cannot therefore be imputed to refusals, which she never had all opportunity of making. But Con tier, without iureitinC on the question to which it might give tie.:', France amin deeleres that she censinle re as inconsiderate, and slot very pru- dent, a e'unduct which shall consist in coming to resolutions without the means Of Carrying thein into CW4:116011, Or with means of execution insufficient or dangeTOUS. Tine iesurrection of some of the people of Lebanon is no doubt an opportunity which it has been thought rloht to seize for finding means of ex- ecution is Inch had not before been presented. Is this a means avowable, or above all so useful, that the Turkish empire on to net upon it against the Viceroy It is desired to rCi:Stablish sfnne little degree of rider and (Mechem.° in all parts of tie empire, and yet imurreetions are fomented. New disorders are added to that general disorder, oinich all the Powers already deplore as con- trary to the intere,ts of peace. Will they succeed its solneeting those people to the Porte, after exciting them to rise aglinst the Vieeroi? These que-tions have certainly bot beer resolved. But if this insurrection is repressed, if the Yieeroy h•ccannes rig ills the tosered posseonsor of Syria, if he thereby becomes I' t. itr!tated, LtIOn.t diffiCnit to oeronanle, and he answers to their CtinIMMIS by n. 1 • iii' • /- ol'at arc tlo rneei.,... of the Four Powers? Certainly, after toe; e,ntinoyed a whole Vv ,r see'sirnl.'s' thens, thee cannot have discovered

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Fem.'. inns cotori!.ated to reor pas the Taurus, and egoin t.. o•0 n.onothoTle. Wlaet o it! ti.e Four POwer? do in this case? In

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