26 SEPTEMBER 1840, Page 7

it iron toe :inters l'Illimeilitm, caloain l'Ievelaa 1. R.N., atilt

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serpine, Captain flong;11, U.N., put into I:almontli 011 the io (mine; ot , - Th.lt 1.1 ihe ,..,..,,i' ..1 ..

, . , i',iii el : moo thi. a,i it 11th, tit (4)1111)RilY. 11'1)in SOlithallilitOn. 11001 sa ...els alust tuer, „,. ,..„. :•,,,,, il• m.,,,,,,,.5. ,,s, , ,, „..„, . and fully maimed ; limit their ilestinatitm is tiiilitiou in They vvere ..., ' th,„..,„•,i.1.,, to,. ,,, so, .„. , , , „.:.„.t, ,. Proceed, with sealed orders. ml NViallat•sday last. 'I'ht. //a/a/1,6,-,. 1.,. 5 ..•r.,,.-1,1,.„ii..,„..;„ ,., ..,... 0,. , .,,.t.. Pertiser says, that tlwre can be but little tliltil)t of' their beini..t. ilestitml 1 ,..,„1 ti,;,, ,1„.1,,n,,,,, u„ the 1.,•,...e,ut

Some inquiries are in progress as to the comlition of' the C re en w ma-pensioners, with a view to ascertain such as are still capable active duty.

We learn from a correspondent, that tile mveutor of tra,cal - nary projectile to the Times has recently punk attemi has been offered •Itiu 1,otio/. for his secret b)- a Cireige p,,wer. At one time, our oxvit Government might have had it for 1.1o.itoo/.--11ri,h,',./ Gazelle.

The Portsmouth' correspondent of the ilrightori

says--" .Ihniegal, 78, Captain John 1)rake, is u•

front Lis-bon. and is preparing to be paid oil' forth° it li. Bey otlic,ir, and crew are ordered to hi, turned over to the Britannia, leo, 1,16011 is to hear the nag of Itear- Admiral Sir John thmininiieN

seeond in command in the Mediterraavaii. 'Hie North :.;:ar. 20. t

niodore I.ord .110lin Hay, I has come, into Ow h.nhour from th.• North coast of Spain, and is ordered In be refitted Nvitil ill de.p.reli

proceed to Lislum for the protect Um of mercantile properly. II, I'orit-

1110,10re has struck liis broad pendant. The Queen. Ili). t..t. missioned here next week by Captain J. W. 'Alton:Igo. for Admiail 8i•t• Etitvarcl Collringtotiss flag. The Intuits, 81, will be ready 10 (40 pendant on flit! 12111 ()Molter."

-- for the Chinese seas. The Pinto, iron Ste:mite', just completed. is ex- pected shortly at Falmouth, continissioned by the owners of the other steamers, for the same destinatimi.

l'he new iuisil steam -ship Caledonia I..ft the l‘fersey on S. itorday, on her lir.:t trip to thy 'Western v..i,r11, 11.1,! ir 1!1.. comman I of Caiitain It.

IL tlehtla.l. The ar,! ch .r.: 1,:'''!'."11 nut 11111.y. 11.N., Admiralty agent. The Cak:.11,cii.t. u• :Oren irt:.. p.:•:-angers.

The paeliet-ship Cambrid,r.. i! fr.on Yo:1; in com- pany with the 1):•,..sidie:t steam-ship, i I to',1;•.:.1 ■•:t and arrived at Liverpool on \l'obiesda......