26 SEPTEMBER 1840, Page 9

add little to our intellieence front the eolony.

whieli had been advertised, was held no the 1st of' July ; but a report of the proceedings has not yet reached ns. Papers have been received from Cape Town to the 7th of July. They 'like public meeting in Cape Tinto:, on the sulmject of emigration, These papers infortn us of the arrive( at Cape Town r,f the first iron steam-boat that has doubled the Cape of Good llope—the war-steamer Nemesis. It was built by lr, John Laird ; who, we ase reminded by the Cape paper, has built thirty iron Which avert work imm dif- ferent parts of the world—." 0:1 the the SIavannali and '.'tIohile rivers, en the lodus, the Niger, eel tin: Vistula." A paper from the colony also supplies us with :he l eccuunt of the ship--

" This sa1:n.141 hen s:so.l. W. I!. 1L11, I1o•aniander. R.N.. Son Lis "'I, hest from Pminee's Island mom riglAs s now in Table 1.;- • nst of her elite: ever built in England, and do, s ;treat cr...tlit toilers :. John Laird, Esq., Birkenhead, Liverpn,i1. Ilcr di:nem:Ion, are, : 29 feet beam, mei 650 tons ber:len. and tit: V.so ine•11..1:11 pivot-._ '1! . :14 pounesrs, one torwsrd the otle.r alt, and six swivels. 1.111.,- cngines n! 1:2D

horse-power, of sup riur mak g,t,:mi nyder, and are hisilly credit., ' • to ForeS:LT 111:t1 Co., Of Livcri,, 11; reel she is, me; 1..-It:AC\ 11,rt

one of the tin,:st stcruners that eve: n Cit.) this hay,cm

first iron one. Oa the June, in laf p

a Nortli-iveA gale, with tile • .• : • - never sh:ple.:01; au water, anti r.maig Mitt: time floats lmmmvimmg 1,‘,211 taken off.. Priaay, hi, Excellency the Gov.7:- ;mite 1;:tvle:.7 •--..ne mm balrii,

she slimmed from her anchorage and , 1.:: tliif,r,tnt raLge of her guns. At :!..o o'er :,sr elms-1de the jetty, (anil inti,t not 1•1; t •• also ) and lantictl time Covemn.,r mmml m lie• Darliss her slay sime trims crowmlea \ '•-, tlie eirewm- stance excited time curiosity of :::1 I shore. Having taken on

board, in three hours, tons 1ctoil water, altlion.:h no parattons ha I been toad:, • raze in the bay."-

Front a report elaborat e1,\ *atistieal Society, there

pears the fallowing great 1,1-,•:.• lo of mortality troops at some of the pritme:s.:.. aver...--: of mt.:,

as 1,00J, the proportienaie Em.

Sierra Leone, 4S:3; Jans.:,• 121 V. i 11.

; 11 •:-:;:rthts. 2:

the lo;mian IslandS, :2); 1.;•. .r.;Itar. 21: at,d I.

S;:oti,t and New Brutmswie's. m I. heoss dom ; the Cape district of the Eastern frontier hot ti Of n 1" ,.! [7. Ime pro, Leone amid Jamaica. :30 I I.

:\ladras Peesidency. 16 ; Mauritius, :17 ., ml ti,c

Cape of Good Hope, 10; in ea :11 s • t exceeding those of Isuropeans. tuissioned officers and psis:ion, mortality among officers Insso: whieli prevails among the average of all the stations up n ceptiag Sierra 1.vome, tlaa pro"' s the lios" Imiies it would Ime

trolimies fsr and returi.:. _

11.11e (deen lle_tent of S.,


:,,Ilierence ot1 the chic; pro td 1,:t•.:.'1-•cd 010 S.1:11‘..c1;'.7, 11'0,11 the iir4: miimtimmc: .1.

Vale:iat :

slitl there. i,:1e•1 a new : :• — Saacho, Presi.lest of the ,-. I k .•

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