26 SEPTEMBER 1840, Page 9

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to be Ensign. by purchase, vice Eraser, who routes. Seth Foot— Lit. H. W. DaMaw to be Capt. by purchase, Nice Martyn, who retires; Ensign S. Adams to he Livid. by purchase, 11,,Iroor ; 3. tt. Cri,sse, be Ensign by parcha,e, A11,1111S. 97th Foot -I.;vut. It. II. st..tie•ksen to be Capt. by purettaeo, two smi•11. who retres: 11,,r,.11111 to !he lav.it. by pureluse, vice Jackson; F. Gent, to be

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1$t NV,•;t - 1.i ':,t D. L. (otc. Irt.tn the Intlf.pay unattavhcd, to lie Pay-

master, va•,• NV,I •••• ,hpohhi:.th• It h the 76th Foot. Bret ct •- Ma or t'. Ii l tot' the ltuyol Engineers, to have the local mid temporary

rsuht ur Cot. emp ou a particular service in Turkey, in Europe.