28 SEPTEMBER 1867, Page 1

Mr. John Hardy, M.P. for Dartmouth, who has recently worn

the -honorary cap and bolls of the Tory party, and who has- been amusing himself in his vacation by assaulting a neighbour's servant as a trespasser on his land, throwing his gun into a pond, and getting fined 5/. by his brother magistrates for his amusement, is not even wise enough to let ill alone. He keeps writing to the Times to say that he is not ashamed of himself, that he only transgressed the letter, and not the spirit of the law—his brother magistrates having inflicted the severest punishment in their power, which does not look as if they thought so —and last of all, to state that "when I trespass myself, or encourage a servant to do so, I may feel myself in a humiliating position,—at present, I feel quite the reverse ;" which is a most interesting fact in morbid psychology,. and might fairly have interested his brother, the Home Secretary,. who has to consider how far he can allow a man who is the " reverse " of humiliated for his breaches of the law to remain on the Commission of the Peace ; but for the general public, it strikes us as deficient in autobiographical interest.