28 SEPTEMBER 1867, Page 1


M HE great event of the week is the arrest of Garibaldi on Mon-

day at Sinalunga,near Sienna, on his way to the Papal frontier. The previous day he had said publicly at Arezzo, "Italy cannot disregard the appeal of the Romans ;"—and this he had said in the face of the Government proclamation that "no citizen can rise above the law; or substitute himself in the place of the high powers of the nation, thus disturbing by violent means the organization of the country, and leading her into the gravest complications." S. Rattazzi for once has acted with dignity as well as policy. In refusing to permit Garibaldi "to violate international stipula- tions," and resolutely insisting that Italy should keep,faith with France as to the September Convention, he has removed all excuse for a new French intervention in Rome, and opened a safe way to the substitution of an Italian Protectorate in Rome for that of France. Garibaldi was first summoned at Sinalunga to retrace his steps, and having refused, he was conveyed a prisoner to Ales- sandria. It is said, apparently on official authority, that if he will give his parole to abandon the Replan expedition he will at once be permitted to return to Caprera. If he refuses, it is probable that Parliament will be immediately convened ta deal with his case. Indeed, it would clearly be wise to throw on the represen- tatives ce the people the responsibility of deciding the fate of so illustrioi a benefactor of the nation. A few unimportant disturb- ances ir lorence and elsewhere were immediately and easily sup- pressed 7 the National Guard.