28 SEPTEMBER 1867, Page 1

The F , liscopal Congress at Lambeth has been held in secret,

with Ow doors,—the most reverend and right reverend prelates having ..ovided themselves with two shorthand reporters, who are fort lden, for the present, to publish their report. The Guardia even hints that it is just possible that the conclave will not authorize any publication of its debates, either now or hereafter. The truth seems to be, that the ' Archbishop of Canterbury, who convoked the conclave, has had alternate moods of audacity and timidity, which have neutralized each other, and that his Grace is still anxious to hold the issue to the last moment as much as possible within his control. He summoned the Synod because the Church was chafing at Bishop Colenso's immunity from ecclesias- tical control ; and then he directed it only to venture on minor topics of no importance. He called in shorthand reporters to register the honeyed words of episcopal counsel, and now he declines to publish them till he can see how far they are safe. These "easy fits," as Sir Isaac Newton would have called them, of audacity and dread, do not bode the Church much comfort or support.