28 SEPTEMBER 1867, Page 2

The elections both in California and Maine have been unfavour-

able to the Republicans. In California, from local reasons, from the disgust excited by one or two jobbing republican politicians, the State has been wholly lost to the Republicans. In Maine the State has been carried for them, but with a much diminished majority ; but here, again, the point in dispute was one of local, not of federal politics, and the federal politics were not deemed of suffi- cient importance to override the local. The worst—or best—of the result is, that Mr. Johnson, who catches at straws, is per- suaded that the tide is turning in his favour. Another outbreak from him, and his removal would be certain, if it is not so already. Perhaps the best thing that could happen for the Union is that Mr. Johnson should think "he standeth." There would be then no danger of his taking heed lest he fall.