29 JANUARY 1921, Page 1

So much for the good signs. One of the bad

signs is that the Labour Party has plunged heavily for more expenditure. As we go to press on Thursday we learn that the special Con- ference summoned to receive the report and resolution of the Joint Committee of the Labour Party and the Trades Union Congress has adopted the proposed programme and adjourned until February 23rd. Meanwhile the Trade Unions are to consult their members as to " any further steps that may be necessary." Mr. Thomas said that the Joint Committee neither affirmed nor disagreed with " Direct Action." Little can be hoped from such procedure. The Labour programmo is, unfortunately, uneconomic from beginning to end, and this at a time when the alarming trade slump is distinctly traceable to high prices, want of markets, and slow production. Labour wants to exact conditions which would raise prices all round, enormously increase taxation, and close to us such foreign markets as exist instead of opening up new ones. A more cruel policy for the suffering workers was never framed. In all its history organized Labour has not behaved so foolishly as it is behaving now. One can only hope that the dupes of this policy will be able to penetrate the veil of dazzling promises and humane professions and threaten such a break-away as may bring the Labour leaders to their senses.