29 JANUARY 1921, Page 3

Last Saturday Sir Hamar Greenwood addressed the Auxiliary Division of

the Royal Irish Constabulary at Dublin. He said that the Government were determined to crush the conspiracy of crime. His remarks to the Auxiliaries were excellent. He reminded them of the great traditions of the Constabulary in discipline, courage, and loyalty. " Before you came they maintained the traditions of discipline under the greatest provocation that was ever given to any police . . . I want every act and deed of yours to be worthy of the Irishmen who sacrificed themselves in the Great War . . . I have asked for and will insist upon a discipline worthy of the great and honourable cause for which you and I are fighting . . . However great the provocation never forget that you are Officers of His Majesty's Army . . . you are here to rescue Ireland from the assassins." Sir Hamar Greenwood added that if the Auxiliaries behaved in the spirit which he described they could count upon the absolute and unfailing support of the Government.