29 JANUARY 1921, Page 3

More agrarian riots are reported from India. There was another

outbreak at Rai Bareli, in the United Provinces, on Sunday, and there have been disturbances further east at Fyzabad and Muzaffarpur, where the riotous peasants looted a number of villages. The peasantry have been roused from their normal calm by political agitators preaching " non-co- operation," and the villagers have suffered. A petty riot was caused in Bombay on Sunday by two European boys who killed two pigeons, and the incident was used by the agitators to declare a " hartal " or passive general strike on Monday. Mr. Gandhi continues to advocate " non-co-operation " as a religious protest against modern civilization. He professes to be a man of peace, but his followers invariably resort to violence. Modem civilization in the form of the British Raj alone preserves India from anarchy.