2 JUNE 1939, Page 22


[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR]

Sta,—The other day I read on two adjacent pages of my paper the following:

" Our Maginot Line of anti-aircraft guns and searchlights," Earl Stanhope said, " if held by properly trained men, will be sufficient to inflict such casualties on an invading force as to make the country realise that the air raid is a most expensive operation."

and from the Naval Correspondent in H.M.S. ' Sheffield ':

" Today I have seen a Queen Bee radio-controPed seaplane under fire for three hours from 36 anti-aircraft guns, including 4 in., 4.7 and 4.5, the last-named being the most modern high-angle gun in the Navy. ... Despite the storm of fire the Queen Bee continued imperturbably on her course, and though each of the four ships continued in turn during the next three hours to pelt her with shells to the number probably of over i,000, she survived the ordeal."