2 JUNE 1939, Page 6

There exists in Berlin an organisation known as the Deutscher

Auslander Dienst, translated (by itself) as " the Welcome to Germany Service." It is prepared to give information and advice to inquirers on any question—a very useful office to perform—and meanwhile it is despatching to various addresses in England unexpected and unsolicited translations of various articles by Dr. Goebbels. It is not very sagacious propaganda, for Dr. Goebbels is not an ideal instrument of appeal to the average Englishman. However, the articles are admirably translated and admirably printed, and Dr. Goebbels, like the organisation that circu- lates him, is prepared to give information on any subject— to assure us, for example, that " The Anschluss with Austria, the solution of the Sudeten German problem, and the creation of a Protectorate in Bohemia and Moravia are historical events which have taken place to the satisfaction of all parties directly interested, and without any bloodshed whatsoever." In fact, complete satisfaction guaranteed.

* * * *