2 JUNE 1939, Page 6

To acquire knowledge of the country of Mr. Belloc (and

others) from the paper of Mr. Gandhi is a pleasant -nd un- expected experience. Harijan, the Mahatma's weekly journal, published at Poona in the interests of the oppressed classes, naturally preaches Mr. Gandhi's gospel of home rule, the re-creation of village life, and self-sufficiency through the spinning-wheel. Herein it finds great encouragement in a booklet issued by the Sussex Rural Community Council en- titled " One Hundred and Twenty Sussex Craftsmen," and describing the home industries -of Sussex and the en- deavours being made to maintain and develop them. I learn, for example, through Poona, that the manufacture of that useful receptacle the Sussex trug is centred in Herst- monceux. Herstmonceux has, among other services to humanity, become an inspiration to rural India.

* * * *