30 DECEMBER 1882, Page 14



Sin,—From communications which are reaching us from the public, we find that one paragraph in your appreciative notice of the 16th inst. has given rise to some misapprehension. It Seems to have been inferred from your remarks that we do not provide any means of refilling the anti-stylograph with facility. Your reviewer would appear to have overlooked the fact that with every anti-stylograph, we send out a little instrument for the express purpose of filling the reservoir of the pen. Your wish that a pen could be produced containing practically an inexhaustible supply of ink cannot, we fear, be gratified ; but we may say, that with the short, pocket-size anti•stylograph, as many as 5,000 words, and with the long or desk size, 10,000 words may be written, without replenishing. We shall be glad if you are able to find room for this explanation.—We are,