30 DECEMBER 1882, Page 2

Sheffield, and indeed the whole North, has been interested in

the disappearance of Mr. H. E. Houle, Classical Master at Wesley College, Sheffield. Mr. Heazle, a spectacled student of twenty-seven, five feet seven inches in height, and of dark com- plexion, left the college in a cab on the 20th inst. with £60 in his pocket, proposing to take a Midland train at 6.20 p.m. for London. He did, it is believed, take a ticket in that train, though there is some doubt about this, and he has never since been heard of. His superiors and friends consider him a man of the highest character, and strict inquiries are being made by the police, though without effect. In the last case of dis- appearance which attracted much public attention, Mr. Spoke was found to have disappeared voluntarily, and the experience of the police points always in that direction. Still, a man's friends may have strong evidence, the record of a whole life, to convince them that this solution is impossible, and to induce them, therefore, to suspect foul play. The difficulty is to con- ceive why an accidental traveller should be suspected of having much money about him, and so be selected for kidnapping or murder.