30 DECEMBER 1882, Page 23

The Post-Office London Directory. (Kelly and Co,)—This is the

eighty-fourth annual publication of this most useful and carefully-

compiled business, official, and Court directory. It now deals with a district measuring nine and a half miles from east to west, and six miles from north to south. Persons living or carrying on business beyond these limits can have their names and addresses inserted by paying a small charge. An arrangement has also been introduced into the " Court " list whereby persons can be identified with the firms or companies in which they are partners or officials. The new trades added are 133, "carbonate (black diamonds) mann- faoturers " being one of them. The " Parliamentary " portion includes a list of the Peers, and the courtesy titles of their eldest sons. As instances of its up-to-date correctness, we note that the name of the Hon. John Lowry Cole, who died on November 28th, has been taken out of the "Court Directory ;" while Mr. George Pringle, the secretary to the Ecclesiastical Commission, who was knighted on November 30th, appears with his new title in the " Official Directory."