30 DECEMBER 1882, Page 3

A terrible accident occurred at Bradford, on Thursday, at 8.10

a.m. A chimney, 250 feet high, situate in a crowded suburb, suddenly fell, some stonework in the centre giving way, so that an immense length of chimney fell sheer like a solid substance upon the buildings beneath. These were spinning and drawing-sheds ; they fell in ruin under the impact, and as they were partly full of workers, the destruction of life was very great. It is believed that forty persons have been killed and fifty seriously injured, a loss as great as that in a serious skir- mish. The sufferings of the crushed were fearful, one unhappy girl only being released by the amputation of a leg as she lay, while several received the last offices of religion, it being hope- less to relieve them before death. It is•Stated that the work- men were aware of the state of the chimney, and that warnings had been received by the proprietor. We trust that the Coroner will make his inquiry one of the most searching kind, for as these huge towers grow old the danger in the manufacturing towns becomes very great, and there is too much reluctance to repair them. They will need inspection one day as much as boilers.