31 AUGUST 1867, Page 1

A very important message was received through the Atlantis Telegraph

Cable on Thursday. General Grant, the acting Secre- tary of State for War, refused to carry out the order for the re-. moval of General Sheridan, and Mr. Johnson was obliged as a com- promise appoint him to Missouri. This may be due to personal feeling, but it is more probably intended as an announcement to the public that the General sides withCongress rather than the President. Should this be the case, he will be Mr. Johnson's successor, as the Liberals, who have an enormous majority in the country, are only waiting some clear indication of the General's opinions to give him their unanimous support. Hitherto the General has posed, himself as the inarticulate man of genius, has refused to make speeches, and has written no letters which anybody could publish, with a running commentary, and Liberals had begun to suspect his silence. His action in defence of Sheridan will dissipate many of their fears.