31 AUGUST 1867, Page 1

The week has been full of the most contradictory rumours

from Spain. The Government of Madrid continually affirms that the insurgents have dispersed, but it is to be noted that it now admits them to be numerous. At first, no Captain-General would allow that he was punting more than ten men, but now "4,000 insurgents have submitted in Catalonia." The Liberals are not much more trustworthy, but the balance of evidence leads to the conclusion that the insurrection is assuming great proportions, that Prim has arrived at last, that the soldiers are going over in considerable numbers, and that a speedy explosion may be expected in Madrid. Marshal O'Donnell, who is at Bayonne, has refused to return to Madrid, and it seems to be clearly understood that the " rebels " menace the dynasty. They name no new man, and will, pos- sibly, try to proclaim the Queen's eldest son, with Prim as Regent of the monarchy.