31 AUGUST 1867, Page 2

The Commission on Ritualism has presented its first report, which

is devoted to the question of vestments alone. It will be

remembered that the Commission is full of High Churchmen, so full that the Record considered the selection treacherous, but the report is unanimous, and it condemns utterly " all variations in -vesture from that which has long been the established usage of the United Church of England and Ireland," and holds that they should be prohibited by law. Tt also finds that vestments are admitted, even by those who use them, to be non-essential, and to give grave offence, and considers that aggrieved parishioners ought, in such matters, to have speedy and effectual redress. The report appears to have given great satisfaction, but we suspect the Ritualists will now start the theory that only Convocation can alter the rubric, and that a lay Parliament has no power. If they do, we should not be surprised to see the HousehOlder Parliament pass an Act of three lines finally silencing that ecclesiastical debating club.