31 AUGUST 1867, Page 2

We are happy to perceive that the London General Omnibus

Company have for this half-year earned no profit. They are, unfortunately, rich enough to declare a dividend out of their reserves, but still they have not earned a profit. If that healthy state of things should continue for a year or two the shareholders will probably interfere, and try if better omnibuses would not be a little more profitable. Carriages like those now driven by the Metropolitan Railway, with first, second, and third-class compart- ments, staircases to the roof, and civil conductors, would, one imagines, earn a dividend. We met a man the other day who positively affirmed that he had sat in one of these omnibuses for half an hour, and had neither his pocket picked, his eye poked with an umbrella, nor his toes trodden into a pulp. Can any inside traveller by an omnibus honestly make the same declara- tion?