31 AUGUST 1867, Page 2

We publish elsewhere the most detailed account, trae or false,

which has yet reached England of the proceedings of "Jacob the Zonave," who cures, or professes to cure, diseases by the will. We may, however, notice here that Marshal Forey quite denies the story that Jacob cured him. Jacob was introduced to the Marshal by Marshal Canrobert, but all he did was to take away his patient's stick and servant, and order him in a loud voice to march. Marshal Forey, by an immense effort, obeyed, but after proceeding a few-steps tottered and fell, and derived no benefit whatever from the effort. The report of the cure of the Prince Imperial is a pure invention, and, as far as we can gather, no thoroughly authenticated case has as yet been produced. Jacob, it will be seen from the narrative we quote, claims a right to fail whenever he " sees " a veil descend over the patient's features.