31 AUGUST 1867, Page 2

We regret to record the death on Sunday last of

Professor Faraday, one of the greatest of English chemists and electricians, a worthy pupil of Sir Humphrey Davy. He was the son of a smith, and in early life was apprenticed to a bookbinder, but devoted all his spare time to chemical studies, and at length- attracted the attention of Sir Humphrey, who made him assistant to the laboratory in Albemarle Street. He maintained his con- nection with the Royal Institution as assistant and Professor of Chemistry for fifty-four years, during which time he endeared him- self by his learning, his humility, and his kindliness to almost every man of science in the kingdom. His investigations into electricity laid the very foundation of the science, which to the last he asserted had but just begun to develop the benefits it was destined to pour upon mankind.