31 AUGUST 1867, Page 3

Mr. Charles Barry has, we think, fairly cleared his father's

name from the imputations fastened on it by Mr. Welby Pugin, and which at first appeared so plausible. He produces a letter from Mr. Pugin himself, distinctly defining his own slight share in the Westminster Palace, and a letter from Mr. W. Wright, who was " superior clerk of the staff employed to get out the working drawings of the new Houses." He states that Mr. Pugin made drawings of several parts of the building from smaller drawings prepared by Sir Charles Barry, and adds, "I speak quite within the truth when I say every part of that portion of the building in my charge had the designing hand of Sir C. Barry at least ten times over, and I believe also the remainder of the structure has had similar labour and thought bestowed on it. I know as a fact that although the plan in its general arrangements has remained unaltered, the elevation and sections are very different from the original designs, and no one portion at all accords with any detail prepared by the late Mr. A. W. Pugin."