31 AUGUST 1867, Page 3

We are happy to welcome Mr. Graves, the Member for

Liverpool, among the advocates for the purchase of the Telegraph system by the State. In a speech to his constituents on Wednesday, he said the Companies could not be expected to run 'the pecuniary risk involved in the bold experiment of making telegraphs universal. As for the inability of the Post Office to manage them, that had been pleaded against the money-order :system, while as to the incompetency of State subordinates, ours were no worse than those of France and Belgium, where the State -controlled the telegraph. He added the perfectly just argument that every increase in the functions of a department brought it more pay, and, therefore, better men. Sixpence a message and an office in every money-order office, that is the ideal which we -ought to reach, and which the Companies will never attempt.