3 AUGUST 1850, Page 12

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The word "last" begins to figure in the announcements of Her Ma- jesty's Theatre ; reminding us of the finality of all pleasant things. Tuesday gave us the "last" performance of Don Giovanni; the "last" of La Tempesta comes tonight ; Carlotta Grisi's "last performance but one" is to be on Thursday next, her benefit-night ; and the season itself has reached the "last night but five."

From the Covent Garden Opera, a note of preparation for Facile), in Italian, is sometimes heard. This week, La Juke has been the splendid attraction. It has been improved by shortening, since the first night ; and Mario has assumed the Jew : he looks and moves too youthfully, but is evidently resolved to master the part—we have seldom seen him act so well as on Thursday, and never heard him sing better.