3 AUGUST 1850, Page 20


On the 19th July, at Berghapton Cottage, Norfolk, the Hon. Mrs. Henry Manners Sutton, of r. son. On the 24th, at Hatfield Place, Essex, the Lady of Sir C. C. de Crespigny, Bart., of a son.

On the 24th, at Uffington, near Stamford, the Countess of Aboyne, of a son. On the 25th, at Spring Hall, near Bury St. Edmund's, Lady Gethin, of a son. On the 25th, at Spring Bank, near Liverpool, the Wife of John Stokes, Esq., of Cuffern House, Pembrokeshire, of a daughter. On the 25th, at Tunbridge Wells, the lion. Mrs. Edward Cropper, of a daughter. On the 25th, at Spring Vale, near Hyde. Isle of Wight, the Wife of Captain Hathorn, R.N., of a son. On the 25th, the Wife of Thomas Brown, Esq., of Brantridge. Sussex, of a daughter. On the 26th, at her Majesty's Dockyard, Pembroke, the Wife of Captain Sir Thomas Sabine Pasley, Bart., R.N., Superintendent, of a son, stillborn. On the 27th, the Marchioness of Stafford, of a son. On the 27th, at Wensley Rectory, Bedtde, Yorkshire, the lady of the Rev. Thomas Orde Powlett, of a son. On the 29th, in King Street, St. James's, the Hon. Mrs. Harvie Farquhar, of a son. On the 29th, at Brookwood Park, Hampshire, the Wife of Colonel Greenwood, of a son.


On the 19th February, near Adelaide, South Australia, the Rev. Arthur B. Bur- nett, Chaplain to the Bishop of Adelaide, to Mary Jane, daughter of the late John Smalpeice, Esq., Treasurer for the County of Surrey.

On the 15th July, at St. Paul's Church, Valetta, Malta, Lieutenant the Hon. George Henry Douglas, MN. second son of the Earl of Morton, to Charlotte Martha, daughter of Vice-Admiral Sir William Parker, Bart., G.C.B., Commander- in-chief in the Mediterranean.

On the lath, at Leckhampton Church, Colmore Frind Cregoe Colmore, Esq., of Moorend, Charlton Kings, to Mary, only daughter of the Rev. E. P. Owen, of Bettws Hall, Montgomeryshire, and Itodenc House, Cheltenham. On the 23d, at St. Saviour's Church, Charles, son of Clement Hemery, Esq., to Mary Georgian& Catherine, eldest daughter of Lady PLasket, and the late Edward Rundle, Esq., Captain H.M. Forty-ninth Regiment. On the 25th, at Long Stow, Cambridgeshire, the Rev. George E. Tate, BA., of St. John's College, Cambridge, younger son of the Rev. G. L. Tate, Vicar of Wrock- wardine, Salop, to Margaret Maria, eldest daughter of the Rev. H. A. Bishop, Rector of Long Stow. On the 1st August, Viscount Cnuiley, only son of the Earl of Onslow, to Lady Katherine Anne Cast, youngest daughter of the Earl Brownlow.


On the 225 July, at Tunbridge Wells, Lady Milnes, Relict of the late Sir Robert Shore Milnes, Bart.; in her 835 year.

On the 225, at Foxholes, Yorkshire, the Rev. John Henry Sykes, Rector of that place ; in his 28th year.

On the 24th, at -Burton House, Burton, Westmoreland, Mrs. Atkinson, Relict of William Atkinson, Esq.; in her 97th year.

On the 26th, in Grosvenor Street, Eliza, Widow of the Hon. General Charles Fitz/toy. On the 26th, at Scarborough, Thomas Tindal, Esq., of Aylesbury, younger brother of the late Sir Nicolas Conyngham Tindal, formerly Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas ; in his 67th year. On the 26th; in Eaton Place, the Hon. Charles Tollemache, youngest son of the late Countess of Dysart; in his 76th year. On the 26th, the Rev. Thomas Henry Lloyd, Fellow of All Souls' College, Oxford, and Rector of Ilamerton, Huntingdonshire. On the 27th, Sir John Peniston Milbanke, Bart.; in his 74th year. On the 27th, at Dover, Sir Joshua Colles Meredyth, Bart., of Greenhills, Kildare ; in his 80th year. On the 28th, at Babraham, Cambridgeshire, the Hon. Mrs. Adeane, Widow of the late Henry John Adeline, Esq., and daughter of Lord Stanley of Alderley.