3 AUGUST 1850, Page 6

if4t. Court.

Tao visits of a .few distinguished guests at Osborne vary the otherwise monotonous cuirentof Court incidents. The Dutchess of Kent and Prim* Leopold of Saxe ,Cobourg are making a stay with their relative; Prince Peter of Oldenburg, and Lord Clarendon, have been brief visiters at Os-- borne. Her Majesty's early walks and other healthful exercises continue a prominent and characteristie feature of -Court news. The Dutchass of, Cambridge,. the Princess Mary, and the Grand Duke and Dutchess of Mecklenburg,Strelitz, with the infant son of the latter, left Cambridge House on. Tuesday, Dna visit to the Marquis of Anglesea, at his seatofiPlasnawydd. The Dutchess of Gloucester left town on the saine-clay, for Richmond Park