3 JANUARY 1931, Page 6

India and the Conference News reached London on Christmas Eve

of- another deplorable outrage in India. Sir Geoffrey de Mont- morency, who succeeded Sir Malcolm Hailey as Governor of the Punjab in 1928, was fired on as he was leaving the Senate Hall at the University of Lahore, where, as Chancellor, he had been delivering the Convocation address. There were two or three casualties among Indians near him, but the Governor himself was not seriously injured. He is a popular figure, who has con- spicuously won the esteem and confidence of Indians. The outrage occurred in spite of the most careful pre- cautions. Evidence pours in that the tension of the British-Indian tragic' conflict has +in no way relaxed. Lord Irwin has been compelled to re-enact, with minor changes, the ordinances which were necessary earlier in the year to check the violence directly caused by hysterical Press comment.

* *