3 JANUARY 1931, Page 7

The Honours List The New Year's Honours List is one

of the best ever published. A comparison of it with some of the lists immediately after the War revives the hope that honours can be saved in the mass from both ridicule and the suspicion that any of them has been deliberately bought. The Prime Minister might have placated some of his extreme Socialist critics by " smashing the nonsense of honours," but he prefers to re-dignify and save the ancient tradition. He is to be congratulated on his courage and good sense. Why should not honour be bestowed where honour is truly due ? Nothing could be more democratic ; nothing more stimulating in a society bent upon " deserving well of the republic.". A purified conception of honours might be a great national asset. And there is a word to be said in commendation also of members of the Labour Party who have, so to speak, collaborated with the Prime Minister by accepting honours undeterred by the chance of malicious mis- interpretation.