3 JULY 1936, Page 23

[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] SIR,—It is curious to

notice how often logic turns out to be the use of words to " get out of " facts. As your corre- spondent points out, the Roman Church denies "dictatorship" with all the force of logic ; but Sir Thomas More dies to vindi- cate the " dictatorship " of the Vatican over the Church in England, as against the " dictatorship " of Henry VIII, and he is, among so many others of all " Churches," ready and willing to persecute those who refuse the Authority of a particular ." Church " dictatorship. For dictatorship is surely not only the compulsion of the unwilling, but also of the willing. Hitler and Mussolini enslave their loyal followers as much or even more than those who dare to oppose them.