3 MARCH 1906, Page 25

The Cruise of the Conquistador.' By G. Sidney Paternoster. (The

Car illustrated. 35. 6d.)—It was unfortunately only too obvious that the motor pirate would some day come to life again, and in this book he appears as the owner of a motor boat. Unfortunately, too, although he is vanquished at the end of the story, the reader feels sure that this disappearance is only temporary, and that before long another book will be published about him,—probably steering an airship. People who like the modern "motor" novel, combined with melo- dramatic adventures, will be amused by the engine being encased in a boat instead of being on wheels. It is, of course, not the aim of a book of this kind to be credible, but the authcr contrives that his melodrama shall be to a certain extent Convincing.