3 SEPTEMBER 1898, Page 1

The way in which the news has been received abroad

is very significant. The French, with their swift insight into political facts, have at once realised that France has received a great blow, and that the Emperor's Rescript shows that the alliance with Russia is not serious. In fact, it is hardly too much to say that the Franco-Russian entente has been killed, and that the Dual Alliance no longer exists. This is felt by Frenchmen to be a terrible humiliation. They ask why their Government was not consulted before the Rescript was issued, and they speak of perfidy and treachery. Thus France, taken by surprise, is represented by the keenest observers as not knowing where to turn or what to say. In Germany the proposal is popular, because, though it is not supposed that it will lead to disarma- ment, it proves that Russia has no hostile ideas in regard to Ger- many, and does not mean to help France to reconquer Alsace and Lorraine. Germany has always called the Triple Alliance a league for keeping the peace and respecting all existing rights. The Emperor of Russia's proposal can therefore be represented as in effect a proposal to join the Triple Alliance. At any rate, it is clear that France will get no encouragement from Russia if she were to try to break the peace.